SaddleBrooke Progress

May 2008

Unit Happenings Unit 4 Putting Contest

Winners from left to right are: Bob Tharp and Pat McGlasson (third place), Marty Riegler and Jerry Wilson (first place, holes-in-one), Sharon Powers and Chuck Lieber (first place), and Barbara Lefebvre and Rich Ferrari (second place)

Unit 4 residents must have liked the change of their annual putting party from September to April because they turned out in record numbers on April 16. Thirty-eight competed in the contest and another 11 joined us for dinner in the Vermillion Room. Some snowbirds who have missed the fall event in the past were able to participate this year.

It was a special day in many ways. The honorary team of Chris Olson and his 11-year-old grandson participated, which was a first for our event. It was also a birthday celebration for grandpa Chris and our birthday girl, Cris Lieber.

Unit 8 News

At the April 16 luncheon and fashion show are Paulette Stark and Barbara Fuller on the left. On the right, from the front are Lois Glorioso, Kali Cohen, Elena Norton, and Martina Garland.

A power outage at the Westward Look Resort left the Gold Room restaurant with a limited menu for the Units 8 and 8A luncheon on April 16. That did not keep the 17 women who attended from having a great time. The luncheon included a fashion show and gift bags for each woman to take home.

The last luncheon of the season will be on May 15. After a summer break, the luncheons will resume in September. Unit 8 will begin holding breakfast gatherings starting May 17 at 8 a.m. and every third Saturday of the month throughout the summer. The monthly Unit 8 socials will also continue throughout the summer.

Other opportunities for social events during the summer include joining 8A for bocce ball on Wednesday evenings at 5 p.m. and the Tuesday night movie. Those wanting to go to the movies at the DesertView Theater with their neighbors in Unit 8 can meet in the Agave Lounge at 5 for an early dinner or beverage before the show.

To all our neighbors who will be traveling away for the summer, we wish you a safe journey and we’ll be anxious to see you again in the fall.

Unit 14 Social Committee Is Busy!

Our snowbird neighbors may be making their way to cooler climes, but we’re ready to have a hot time in the Old Pueblo. Our Social Committee doesn’t stop when the temps rise, rather they rise to the challenge and plan a special event or two for us year-rounders.

As she did last year, Ann Hamm is going to set a special trip to the Gaslight Theatre for us. Anyone who has been to one of its productions knows what fun it is, so watch for further details coming soon.

Our first annual Unit 14 and Unit 15 Couples Golf Outing is set for Monday, May 19, at MountainView. There will be a scramble nine-hole tourney with a shotgun start at 3 p.m.

The very special Wally World Golfers’ Putting Contest will precede the shotgun and a non-golfers’ putting contest is set for 5 p.m., as is the social hour. A Tucson-style fajita buffet will top off the events. Plus, of course, the awards and door prizes. A surprise appearance by some noted performers is also planned! Heading up this event is the team of Lou and Sue Robisch, Paul Adams, and Gary Brunelle.

Something new on the fall horizon: A Sunday Afternoon Walk With Artists. This will be a showcase of works by many of our talented Unit artists, authors, and craftspersons, ranging from paintings to jewelry, beading, and photography to woodworking. The works will be displayed in various homes, and refreshments will be offered in homes as well, including those of Ron and Lib Cohen, Frank and Marilyn Bertke, and Kathy and Mick Desmarais.

The Social Committee is planning this event and will act as chair, so mark the afternoon of October 5 on your calendar. Members of the committee are Kay Calvin, Nancy Rodman, Fran Higley, Libby Cohen, Maureen and Tony Benigno, Maxine Ranicke, Sally Horn, Nancy Erb, Jeanne Reale, Ann Hamm, Nancy Schroeder, Pat Smith, Cath Chambers Sperry, Lou and Sue Robisch, Susan Gustafson, Marian Andrews, and Paul and Deanna Adams. The chair is Marilyn Bertke. Sharon Cotter and Leigh Estabrook are prospective members.

Unit treasurer Paul Adams reports our unit fund is healthy, thanks to donations by 90 households. This fund is used for many things, among them the Sunshine Brigade led by Nancy Erb. If you know of someone who could benefit from a little sunshine due to illness or loss, please give Nancy a call at 825-6621.

March Madness is over and fans are discovering that, indeed, there is life after basketball. There were 75 entries in this year’s unit event with Chuck McCusker as the top prognosticator. Rounding out the winners were Richard Green, second; Rip Ranicke, third; and sharing fourth Don Anderson, Jan Etter, and Tom Aaron.

Farewell to our snowbirds; see you in the fall.

Unit 15 Progressive Dinner

Cliff Sansot, Judy Williams, and Artie Paulsen are ready for hors d’oeuvres at the home of Judy and Mike Williams.

Diane Braun (left) and Jean Overn (right) are thanking Judy and Bob Schlak for their hospitality during the dessert course.

It was the evening of April 5, and the streets of Unit 15 were alive with folks going to and fro--some on foot, some in golf cars, and some in motorized vehicles! Conversations were likely all about food since residents were moving from one home to another for hors d’oeuvres, entrees, and desserts!

The theme for this year’s progressive dinner was international--Mexican, Chinese, German, Hungarian, and Italian were among the cuisines served. From Pat Armelin’s handling of flyers announcing the event, to the hostesses’ serving of beverages with the desserts, all who participated helped to make the event a success. Much applause goes to chairperson Diane Braun, her committee, all hosts and hostesses, and everyone who participated in the 2008 progressive dinner!

When you read this, registration for the first annual Units 14 and 15 Couples Golf Outing at MountainView on May 19 will have taken place, with May 10 as the deadline. Harriet Shemer and Cliff Sansot, organizers of this event, have even included a putting contest for non-golfers, as well as a buffet dinner for all who attend.

Another opportunity for residents to chat and dine will have occurred by the time you read this. It is the Sunday brunch in the Palo Verde Room on May 4. Ida Pacey and Judy Williams, co-chairpersons of the Social Committee, are planning this get-together.

The Ladies’ Bridge Group continues to play twice a month. The following ladies were the high scorers during March: Gin Van Doren, first, and Harriette Stein, second on March 12; Diane Chase, first, and Charlene Firebaugh, second on March 26. Congratulations, ladies!

Unit 17 News

Unit 17 is having a great time. The bridge group under the guidance of Jude Hubble is humming along. April 2 winners were Jake Jacobson, Jack Herbert, and Don Humphrey. April 16 winners were Bev Motter, Bob Motter, and Jake, again! Bev and Bob Motter will be leaving for the frozen north the end of April, and we will be looking for players for May 7 and 21. Please call Jude Hubble if you are available.

On to our bowling group. They meet every other Wednesday. It is fun bowling even though Bill Sellers insists on getting high scores. He bowled a 235 a couple of weeks ago. He is a good person to get pointers from. Nice going, Bill!

Our new social chairpersons are Sharon Meade and Sharon Todd. They are coming up with some great ideas. The Social Committee has been planning our Spring Fling to be held on April 27 at the SaddleBrooke softball field. Not only are we planning a three-inning game with residents, but some other fun-filled events. We’ll have more about that in our next article, along with pictures!

Tom and Bernice Christian will be host and hostess for the 17er cocktail party on May 15 from 5:30 to 7:30. All residents of Unit 17 are invited. Just bring a hors d’oeuvre to share and whatever you want to drink. The Christians, like many others, will be headed to their summer home the end of May.

We also have an ice cream social coming up in July. This will be our third year, and is one of our biggest events. Arlene Desjardins will be the hostess. See what you are missing snowbirds!

Patrick Polencheck is getting a group together to go to Kitt Peak this summer. He has a few other ideas for unit outings that he is looking into.

Our Gourmet Club dinner was April 12. The theme this year was “TV Dinners.” The group used recipes from chef shows on television. The April chef was Paula Deen. The Gourmet Club meets every other month. All 17ers are invited to join.

Our next dinner will be June 14.

Many of our residents are leaving soon. We wish you all a happy, healthy, and safe summer.

Units 18 & 19 party on!

Ladies of Units 18 and 19 socialize in anticipation of the light French
cuisine at their Luncheon de Provence.

Units 18 and 19 had a terrific social night out with 65 neighbors attending Arizona Smith and the Relic of Doom at the Gaslight Theater on Sunday night, April 20. Doors opened at 6:15 p.m., and many came early to enjoy a fun, casual dinner before the spectacular production. A big “thank you” goes out to Ron and Donna Snyder for organizing this “Safari So Good,” a delightful spoof of Indiana Jones in two acts. A Las Vegas review followed the hilarious show, and the songs were very entertaining. A wonderful evening was enjoyed by all!

The very next day, April 21, Fran Leonard hosted 57 gals for the annual Ladies’ Luncheon. The theme this year was “Luncheon de Provence.” Featured on the menu was a hot chicken salad, French bread, tuna salad nicoise, assorted fruits and homemade cookies. All the outside tables were adorned in green and yellow tablecloths with lavender herb plants as centerpieces. The weather was wonderful with little wind for the ladies to enjoy their buffet French-themed meal on Fran’s patio with the gorgeous Catalina Mountains for a background.

Assisting with the luncheon preparations, along with Fran and her co-chair Nancy Bosket, were Jeanne Allen, Suzanne Bassett, Monica Grey, RoseMarie McGoldrick, Barbara Starrett, Donna Snyder, and Pat Avery. For only $5 each, everyone enjoyed a lovely afternoon with neighbors and friends from Units 18 and 19.

Villa Unit 20

Since several of the members were going to be gone, the regular meeting of the board of directors was cancelled for the month of March. The Villas made up for it by having a trip to the ball game and a dinner at El Corral. The dinner turned out to be a birthday dinner for one of our residents, and 24 of us came to help Doris Bickel celebrate. She never revealed how many we were celebrating.

The work session for the board was on April 8 at 2 p.m. in the Board Room, and the regular board meeting took place at 10 a.m. in the Javelina Room on April 17. On April 5 at 5 p.m. in the activity center, there was a potluck for all Villa residents.

Unit 27 happenings

The annual Unit 27 block party was held on April 26 with a theme of “An Old Fashion Potluck Picnic.” Activities included a fun and challenging golf cart rally (chaired by Ron Talbot and assisted by Jan Talbot and John Gill), bocce ball tournament, which is always a favorite (chaired by Rich LaRosa and assisted by Patti LaRosa), and the putters tournament, which is the pinnacle of golfing events each year (chaired by Tim Richie and assisted by Chris Lomax). Thank you, John Gill, Char Newburn, Ron Talbolt, Tim Richie, Melody Branstrom, and Rich LaRosa for volunteering to perform as chairpersons for this pleasant and memorable gathering.

Congratulations, Jan Talbot, on receiving the low-gross award for the MountainView Lady Putters. The Putters honored their own cancer survivors at the March 10 luncheon, and helped raise funds for further research at the March 18 glow ball, night putting, and auction event.

The MVWGA 2008 Club Championship event was held March 24-25. Kudos goes to winners Peg Tomlinson, first flight, and Karen Erickson, third flight.

There was a good turnout for the April 30 Dine Around, which was held at the Cadillac-Chaparral Steakhouse located on State Highway 79. The menu consisted of steaks, ribs, chicken, and pork chops, and entrees included salad, potato, beans, and dinner rolls. Thank you Larry Zanatta and Karen Spalter for organizing this fun and filling evening.

The new STPO board was seated in early April, and our neighbor, Steve Watry, was elected president for the coming year. Congratulations, Steve! Steve has been active on our behalf with the SaddleBrooke-wide committee considering how best to deal with developmental issues beyond the borders of our small community. As a result of his recommendation, the STPO board passed a resolution suggesting to the HOA II board that they begin to participate formally on the joint SaddleBrooke-wide committee.

After successfully fulfilling the roll of Snack’n’Chat chair for two years, Jan Ster has decided to resign. A huge thank you for her efforts goes to Jan on behalf of her grateful neighbors and friends. Effective immediately, Rita Holdner is our new Snack’n’Chat chair. Thank you, Rita, for volunteering for this important role of our unit gatherings.

Unit 23 had busy April

Left to right: Charli Jackson, Laura Lois, Beverly Volz, and Lee Karstens

The Unit 23 Social Committee would like to thank Lee Karstens and Laura Lois for hosting a great Newcomer’s Group social on April 17. Lee and Laura and a huge contingent of Unit 23 newcomers honored Beverly Volz who founded the Newcomer’s Group almost three years ago. After speaking with several other fellow newcomers, Beverly found that they too were having difficulty connecting with long-time residents who had already formed their own social networks. Beverly’s theory that bringing together just those new to the unit would allow them to form a bond with others in the same situation; and once they had a new core of friends, it would be easier to become involved in the larger Unit 23 events. The plan has worked well, as demonstrated by the fact that the Newcomer’s Group continues to welcome new residents to Unit 23 into their group and that many of the newcomers have stepped up to take an active leadership role in the unit as a whole. As Lee and Laura step away from chairing the Newcomer’s Group, it will surely be in good hands, as Kathy Anderson adds her own brand of Nebraska hospitality in the coming year. Although the Newcomer’s Group is predominately for those new to the unit, any Unit 23 resident may attend the newcomer events.

The April ladies’ luncheon, hosted by Rita Smith and Elsa Peterson, was held at the ever popular McMahon’s Prime Steakhouse on Swan Road. Twenty-three ladies enjoyed outstand cuisine and service in their own private dining room. McMahon’s, a member of the Metro Restaurant Group, features some of the best prime beef in Tucson and a 20,000-bottle wine cellar with over 2,200 individual wine selections. The April men’s lunch was held on Wednesday, April 23, at Zin Burger.

April 26 was the date for our big Unit 23 spring event, a chili and dessert feast held at the HOA I Activities Center. Bev Kloehn, Kathy Anderson, Karen Carter, and Diane Stowell hosted the event, which featured chili, cornbread, and desserts made by the outstanding chefs of our unit. This was our last big event before the snowbirds head north so don’t miss the Oktoberfest in the fall when the snowbirds return.

Finally, a big thank you goes out to Earl Rees for hosting a tour of the Ping Golf world headquarters on May 7. This fast-paced, two-hour walking tour in Phoenix was limited to 20 people and provided an insider’s view into just how those ever popular golf clubs take shape from the pouring of the molten metal for the iron’s head to the final addition of the grips and the personalized fitting of the club to the individual golfer. Following the tour, everyone had an opportunity to enjoy lunch at the Paradise Bakery in Chandler and brag that their golf game would surely be improved next time out due to the lessons learned on the Ping tour!

Life Is Great In Unit 48

Unit 48 enjoys first block party.

On April 19, we had our first annual block party, complete with music by Lindsey Nicholson and dancing by 60 of our neighbors and friends. Some residents even enjoyed some line dancing! Guests found cowboy hats, bandannas, boots, and toy guns to add to the festivities. Our western theme included BBQ beef sandwiches and baked beans with all of the trimmings. Neal and Patti Elgersma, new residents who were here for their design meeting, won the raffle! We treat our newcomers well! Thanks to our hosts, Dave and Melinda Spoelstra and the Social Committee for planning such a fun event!

On April 10 our “Casual Get Together” was attended by twenty-four people who gathered for the Thursday night Pasta Toss dinner at The Preserve. Mike Harris has organized the second mixed couple golf outing at MountainView. Dinner and drinks followed the golf outing at the Palo Verde Room.

The Boyz Club met at the Roadrunner Grill for breakfast on April 19. Joe Malucelli is the contact person for this activity. The Ladies’ Lunch Bunch enjoyed their first luncheon at Tohono Chul Park on April 9. Betty Silverthorn organized this event.

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