SaddleBrooke Progress

July 2008

Fine Arts Guild Begins New Program

On June 13, Harriet Hason, president of the Fine Arts Guild, welcomed 15 artists from the SaddleBrooke community to a new program called “All Media Critique.” This program will continue to meet on the second Friday of each month in the Agate Room of the MountainView Art Center from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and will provide a safe haven for SaddleBrooke Fine Arts Guild artists to bring their work to be critiqued. This program evolved from the Brown Bag Lunch program begun many years ago by Rusty Hale; but when Rusty had to leave SaddleBrooke, the program faltered. Recently, C.B. Anders, an artist, approached the Fine Arts Board with a request to provide a venue for a professional discussion about artists’ work in a safe environment and the board responded to this need.

SaddleBrooke artists are encouraged to bring any type of art from oils to acrylics to watercolor to pastel to sculpture that can be abstract or non-objective or realistic or representational and preferably a work in progress. Harriet Hason, Karen Warner, or Laurie Brussel will facilitate the sessions with input from other artists who are participating in the session. The purpose of these critiques is to assist artists in overcoming a troubling portion of their work and how a work may be enhanced or improved. Also, critiques can help artists affirm that they are “going in the right direction.” Artists are also encouraged to share concepts and techniques used in the creation of a piece.

During the June meeting, Laurie Brussel facilitated a lively discussion on the pieces that were brought; and many ideas and techniques were exchanged among the participants. Ms. Hason emphasized in her opening greeting that these sessions were intended to be helpful discussions and that the sessions would end promptly at 11.

All Media Critique will continue through the summer and fall, and all SaddleBrooke Fine Arts Guild artists are invited to attend to bring their work or simply sit in on the session. Guild members will be alerted about future meetings or can visit for information on upcoming meetings. Also, Harriet Hason will be glad to respond to questions at: or 548-5032.

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